Since 2022, beach volleyball has been reinvented to offer a unique experience. With its new slogan "Play like a pro, Party like a pro!" the Beach Pro Tour is the meeting place for entertainment pros. This sporting event is distinguished by combining sporting spectacle and entertainment such as a festival atmosphere.



The 2023 Beach Pro Tour is made of 10 stages as well as a final at the end of theses stages. Placed in 8th position, this stage has already become unavoidable due to its iconic venue ensuring the presence of the world's best pairs. This is the last event in France and in Paris in preparation for the Olympic Games. Here is the calendar for the 2023 edition of the Beach Pro Tour.

The Beach Pro Tour 2022 concluded with finals at the end of January in Doha. In the women's draw, the pair Hughes/Cheng won the final, while the winners of the Paris Beach Pro Tour finished in 3rd place. On the men's side, it was the Norwegian pair Mol/Sorum that won the finals, already winners of the Paris Beach Pro Tour.