2023 edition





After the success of this first edition, the appointment is made for 2023. This year, it will be the 8th stage of the Beach Pro Tour, decisive for Olympic qualification. The 16 best male and female pairs will once again compete at Roland-Garros from September 28th to October 1st to win this prestigious stage of the Beach Pro Tour and succeed the Norwegians and the Germans. 

This 2nd edition of the Paris Beach Pro Tour will be an opportunity for the public to extend the summer for a weekend and come to encourage the best pairs in the world at the Roland-Garros stadium in a unique and festive atmosphere. With less than a year from the Olympic Games, the French pairs will be in the spotlight and will need their public to qualify. With 3 French pairs in the first edition, this world beach volleyball event is a unique opportunity for the French to play one last time in front of their public before the Olympics. We count on you to support them.


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